The Langham Place Group 1859-1863

In December 1859 Theodosia, Lady Monson, a friend of Anna Jameson and Matilda Hays, hired and furnished at her own expense new offices for the English Woman's Journal at 19 Langham Place, a spacious property in which she also created a committee room, reading room and coffee shop that was open from 11am to 10pm. In 1860 it was being advertised as 'The Ladies Institute', managed by Sarah Lewin, and it soon became the meeting place of a group of politically-minded women who became known as the Langham Place group, set or circle.

Members included Helen Blackburn, novelist Matilda Hays, Emily Faithfull, Maria Rye, champion of women's education Emily Davies (1830-1921), Jessie Boucherett (8125-1905) and Lady Monson, who refitted the house at the end of 1863.

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