Wife beating: cuttings

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Wife left destitute when husband sent to prison. The Times 28 July 1854

Making fun of a case. Reynolds's Newspaper 12 Oct 1851

Biting off part of a wife's ear. Morning Chronicle 29 Oct 1827

Wife not wanting husband punished. Daily News 13 Dec 1852

Fifth court appearance for wife beating. Lloyds Weekly 7 Aug 1853

Naming and shaming. Morning Chronicle 11 Jan 1853

Magistrate wished he could order a flogging. Bell's Life in London, 14 August 1853

Four wife beating cases in one day. Magistrate wishes he could order a flogging.
Jackson's Oxford Journal 29 August 1874

Police have no power? Bristol Mercury 3 February 1872

Counsel argues that a man has the right to beat his wife. Hants Telegraph 21 Oct 1811

Wife beating is the 'law of God'. Liverpool Mercury 11 Oct 1856 and Punch 18 Oct 1856

A deserted family. Trewman's Exeter Flying Post 26 August 1858

Wife beating still an habitual problem. The Times 30 September 1874.

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