helena wojtczak HELENA WOJTCZAK (pronounced 'VOYT-CHAK') is an award-winning author, publisher and occasional tutor with the University of Sussex.

She was born in Sussex in 1958 and grew up in London, where she spent 22 years before moving to Kent for five years, completing her residential circle by returning to her native county in 1992.

She has a BSc Honours degree in the Social Sciences (majoring in psychology) and Social History.

She has written four books on women's history; wrote and designed the websites Women of Hastings and St Leonards and Railwaywomen 1900-2000 and the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Helena gives talks and lectures on women's history.

She has written for the Oxford University Press, the Hastings Press, the TSSA, the RMT, My Weekly, Hunter House Publishing, the Hastings & St Leonards Observer, The Warrior Magazine, P3 Publishing (Steam Railways), The Victorian Web, Encyclopaedia Titanica and Writers' Forum. She is currently writing Notable Women of Sussex.

Helena owns the the Hastings Press and is the proofreader, editor and cover designer for all of its publications. She also runs self publishing seminars and advises and helps self publishing authors by private consultation.

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At the age of 19 she became the first woman employed as a guard by British Rail. In connection with this, Helena has written about her experiences of being a woman recruited and trained in a male industry.

Working on the railways led her to research and write the book Railwaywomen. Since being launched at the House of Commons, at the TUC Conference 2005 and at the National Railway Museum. the book has received considerable acclaim, and has won the 2007 David St John Thomas Trust Award for Non Fiction.

Now Britain's foremost authority on the history of women railway workers, she has been consultant historian to the National Railway Museum and a contributor to The Oxford Companion to British Railway History. She has lately been asked by London's Transport Museum to assist with creating its forthcoming permanent exhibition on railway workers on the London Underground.

the Helena coach




The Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway
has a coach named "Helena".